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AnythingIT, entering its 19th year of business as one of the most experienced IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), Recovery & E-Waste handlers for both Government and Commercial markets, announces its partnership with Work Vessels for Veterans (WVFV), a non-for profit volunteer organization to put laptop computers into the hands of US Veterans that are continuing their pursuits of an education.

"We are excited and humbled by the support shown from AnythingIT in helping us take the Laptop Program at www.wvfv.org to the next level. When these Veterans hear that they have been approved for a computer, the excitement and gratitude in their voices is what makes it all worth doing," said Ted Knapp, President of WVFV.

To date, with support from AnythingIT, WVFV has been able to cover 200 Veterans back to school equipped with a laptop computer. AnythingIT and WVFV, in a concerted effort, have pledged to increase that numberby 20% or higher by the end of 2011.

As an organization, AnythingIT is privileged to give back to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend this country. "We are honored to partner with an outstanding organization such as Work Vessels for Veterans. Our alliance will not only provide technology tools to veterans, but will also give them valuable skill-sets to use technology as a way to enter into the civilian workforce," stated Dave Bernstein, President of AnythingIT Inc.

AnythingIT, Inc. was awarded US Government Contractor status via GSA for IT Asset Disposition in 2002 and has served both Public and Private Sector enterprise organizations since its inception. The mission of www.anythingit.com is to assist enterprise-class customers & resellers to dispose of obsolete and non-working IT equipment with proper documentation for little or no charge with a goal of providing the highest market valuation on working equipment.

"Our goal for this program is to not only provide technology to Veterans, but to give them something even more valuable, an ability to learn a trade and obtain a long-term career in IT. We are committed to increasing our workforce with Veterans," stated Vlad Stelmak, Chief Operating Officer - AnythingIT.
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