Hats off to  the NJ DEP.

While everyone knows the importance of electronic recycling, the NJ DEP website provides a valuable resource to both consumers and businesses.


From waste reduction ideas for the holidays to case studies that demonstrate the economic benefits of recycling, NJ DEP offers programs, information, and environmental comparisons to facilitate the proper disposal of solid waste in New Jersey. New Jersey E-cycles Webpage provides you with all of the information you need to know regarding the “Electronics Waste Management Act”  (The Act)’s requirement for a FREE and environmentally sound recycling program for computers, monitors, laptops, portable computers and televisions.

Facts from the NJ DEP website:

  • Recycling saves money for manufacturers by reducing energy costs. In 2001, New Jersey’s recycling efforts saved a total of 128 trillion BTU’s of energy, equal to nearly 17.2% of all energy used by industry in the state, with a value of $570 million.
  • The sale of recycled products is an increasingly important component of the retail sector and commerce, in general. There are over 1,000 different types of recycled products on the market and due to changes in technology and increased demand, today’s recycled products meet the highest quality standards. Recycled products are also more readily available than ever before and are affordable. By purchasing recycled products, consumers are helping to create long-term stable markets for the recyclable materials that are collected from New Jersey homes, businesses and institutions.
  • The economic value of clean air, water and land is significant, but difficult to quantify. Since recycling plays an important role in protecting these natural resources it must be attributed an economic value in this context, as well.