Government Technology Magazine recently published an article asking government agencies how they will handle the end of WindowsXP.

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The article states, “In about five months, Microsoft will discontinue support for the second most popular operating system of all time: Windows XP, which is second only to Windows 7. After April 8, any organization that wants continued support for Windows XP or Office 2003 will be required to pay a per computer yearly fee with a minimum buy-in of $500,000. With an estimated 31 percent of all computers in the world running Windows XP, it’s unlikely that every device will be transitioned to a modern operating system in time for the deadline. And with hackers now saving newly discovered XP vulnerabilities until after the deadline, intrusions are expected to peak in the spring for those who haven’t upgraded.”

Because of the logistical problems that the public sector faces when upgrading to newer equipment, many federal agencies will be left vulnerable. The Japanese government reported that it cannot afford to upgrade more than 200,000 of its systems off XP, which it projected would cost about $2.4 billion. In addition, in the U.S., it’s likely that at least a few unwitting or underfunded governments will get left behind and become vulnerable to attack.

There is no dispute that the end of the operating system will cause huge budget hits to both the public and private sector. Organizations are faced with the decisions on whether to replace or upgrade current equipment, or risk the inevitable security threats.

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AnythingIT to Host Consumer Electronic Recycling Event

AnythingIT will be hosting a Consumer Electronics Recycling Event on Thursday,  January 9, 2014 from 10am – 2pm. The event will allow the general public to recycle unwanted, displaced and unused consumer electronics at no cost at AnythingIT’s headquarters, located at 17-09 Zink Place, Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410.

All materials received at the event will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner by AnythingIT, an e-Stewards Certified company and NJDEP Class D Permit Holder. Every pound of material received will be sorted and recycled with material of similar composition with downstream accountability.

David Bernstein, CEO at AnythingIT states, “We encourage residents to take advantage of this opportunity by dropping off their old computer equipment so they can be disposed of responsibly. AnythingIT is dedicated to our local community and the environment.  With the coming holidays, I am sure many household will be purchasing the latest technology devices, leaving the older systems and products to collect dust in the basements and attics across the region.  This is a rare opportunity for our local community to be rid of these items without proving caustic to the environment.”

Equipment eligible for drop off; Consumer electronics, including laptops, desktop computers, flat screen monitors, tablets and e-readers, CRT monitors, Televisions, DVD/CD/Blu-Ray players, cassette players and home audio equipment, microwave ovens, video game consoles,  wireless and cellular products, chargers, networking equipment, camera and video equipment, household products and other computer equipment.  Smart Phones or Cellphones that are received will be provided to a non-profit organization that provides telecommunications for domestic violence and abusive situations.  Working Laptops that are received will be given to returning military personnel and veterans through the “Work Vessels for Vets” organization.

The Following Items are Not Accepted; Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and anything that uses a coolant, such as Freon, to function.  Propane containers, fuel storage containers and anything that uses a fuel storage for functionality where the fuel source is intact.

Contact us for details:

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