On Global Earth Day weekend, more than 248 tons (225 metric tonnes) of electronic waste were kept out of landfills during a huge, multi-national e-waste collection event. Recycling facilities and collection points in North America, Austria, Belgium, Germany, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom received the waste that was otherwise destined for landfills around the globe. This is how it should be every day of the year.

The purpose of this Earth Day event was to promote awareness of the need to recycle electrical and electronic equipment, no matter where in the world you live.

472,985 pounds of e-waste were collected in North America from 25 Earth Day events. In other countries, events included beach cleanups, outreach and educational events, monetary donations to local schools for every kilogram collected, and more.

At other events held around the world, including local events sponsored by AnythingIT, electronic waste was collected at university campuses, churches, community centers, shopping centers, and more. Thousands of computer and electronics retailers, community Earth Day events, and other gathering points saw hundreds of thousands of people learning about e-waste, recycling, and dropping off their obsolete or broken electronics.

To put this into perspective, 248 tons is 11 semi-truck loads of electronics. It’s close to the most conservative estimates of American garbage dumped annually (250 tons). In short, it’s a lot of waste that didn’t go to the landfill.

Of course, the 248 tons are only the e-waste figures we know about. Many tens thousands of pounds were likely collected and went unreported at events around the globe. This on top of many tons of other recyclable wastes collected at Earth Day events everywhere.

Every day should be Earth Day and everyone should be recycling as much as they can. There are no excuses for not recycling electronics, at least.