Sometimes, recycling comes in unusual, even artistic forms. Chilean sculptor Rodrigo Alonso has come up with a unique way to re-use electronic waste, even when that waste doesn’t exactly plug in and boot up anymore. His solution?

Furniture.┬áHe’s calling it N+ew for No More Electronic Waste. He’s taking old e-waste and turning it into cube-shaped ottomans. His process is simple and produces some elegant pieces – every one of which is unique.

First, he collects some landfill-bound electronics (be they keyboards, circuit boards, scratched CD or DVD discs, wiring, or whatever) and piles them into a cubic mold. He then pours in a clear epoxy resin and adds melted (recycled) aluminum as a binder. After it sets, he pulls it from the mold and polishes to a high gloss.

He describes it as a sort of time capsule of electronics, except you don’t have to open it to see its contents.

While this creative idea won’t solve our electronic waste problems, it certainly can’t hurt.

Have you got an interesting or creative way to recycle or re-use e-waste? We’d love to hear about it.